Quest Talk:Níels' Bounty: Farathlúg the Ice-worm

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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue and the Turn-in dialogue. Níels sounds a lot less like a cowboy.

===Bestowal dialogue===
This here's an unusual job I'd say. One of my clients has a hankering for rare and unusual things y'see.
Want's the scale of an old northern ice-worm of all things, so I asked my fellows in Forochel to send word if they've seen the like. Never expected to hear back, but it turns out that Lossoth lore speaks of such a beast that lairs along the northern slopes of some glacier.
That's quite a trek and no mistake, but I can offer a substantial sum for yer trouble if you succeed.
===Obj 2 dialogue===
I kin scarcely believe it! You actually made the journey all they way up there and fought that beast did ye?
Well, they say the proof's in the scale - and my client'll be pleased however you managed it, so let me see to yer fee.