Quest Talk:Introduction to Forestry

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Michel Delving

Quest bestowal text for a hobbit in Michel Delving:

Blossom Proudfoot: 'Collecting wood and refining it or tanning and curing hides is a necessity. Without any folk who did this, how would woodworkers or tailors be able to make their wares?

'You will want to speak with Marigold Grubb, the supplier here. She has volunteered her time and energy to teach all the new apprentices. Mind her well.'

Thorin's Hall

Quest bestowal text for a dwarf in Thorin's Hall:

Morór: 'Forestry, is it? A fine choice for any self-respecting dwarf!

'Collection of wood and hide may seem a menial task for a dwarf, but fine bows are crafted from that wood and finer robes and clothing from the tanned hides. This makes the collection and refinement of these items necessary for our culture. Fine folk, foresters. Talk with the supplier here.

'He will set you on the path to becoming another in a long litany of fine foresters.'