Quest Talk:Introduction to Farming

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Michel Delving

Quest text for a hobbit in Michel Delving:

Blossom Proudfoot: 'In order to be the best farmer that you can be, you will need some guidance. I have spoken to Largo Proudfoot of Michel Delving; he is only an apprentice farmer, but knowledgable and working hard to become an expert. Largo has graciously accepted the task of teaching anyone setting out in their culinary careers the basics of the art.

'You will find him near the farmland here in Michel Delving. Speak with him and mind his lessons well, and I wager that you will be farming large fields in no time!'

Largo Proudfoot: 'Well, look here...another would-be farmer. I am pleased to meet you and am looking forward to helping you get started.

'If I go too fast or you need help at any point, you can ask me questions about farming, and I will do my best to provide you with clear direction. The first and most important step is having the proper ingredients.

'I set aside a few for new farmers, like yourself. Take this crate and let us begin.'

Largo Proudfoot: 'Let me see what you were able to do...'

He sniffs at the onion and inspects it, very nearly taking a big bite.

'Good golden colour on the top, and it smells delicious! I can tell that you picked the best possible onion that you could -- so many layers.

'I think that you have done very, very well, <Player name>. I approve and declare you a novice farmer.'

Thorin's Hall

Quest text for a dwarf in Thorin's Hall:

Morór: 'By Durin's beard! Are you serious?

He mutters to himself.

'You are not the only farmer that I have met in my days, but I find that most farmers are...never mind.

'Imir has been assigned the task of teaching all the new farmers their basics. Go and speak with him in the greenhouse -- though I do hope that you will reconsider.

'You can find the greenhouse at the top of the stairs leading towards Thorin's Hall. The greenhouse entrance is to the right of the main entrance of the Hall.'

Imir: 'Hello, there. I hear that you are interested in learning the ways of a farmer. If so, you have come to the right place.

'I will try not to move too quickly for you, but if I do, speak with me again to ask more pointed questions.

'I almost forgot the most important thing for every new farmer -- ingredients. Everything you need to make a yellow onion is inside this crate.'

Imir: 'Let us see what you have gone and made.'

He inhales deeply.

'Smells good. Looks golden and delicious, and I wager if I cut it open it would have many layers.

'You pass, <Player name>. You are on your way towards becoming a master farmer!'