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Original Script for Reference

Quest Text

Skorgrím's Tomb
"Lord Dwalin's investigation has uncovered the treachery of the Dourhands. While Durin's Folk prepare to drive the Dourhands from Thorin's Hall, Dwalin gathers his forces to stop a darker threat...."


With the aid of a mysterious red-robed man named Marrec, the Dourhand dwarves hope to restore their long-dead leader, Skorgrím, to life. Alongside Dwalin, you have travelled to the tomb delved by the Dourhands for Skorgrím to put an end to their plans.

Objective 1

Defend Dwalin as you make your way into Skorgrím's tomb.

  • Speak to Dwalin
'Can you sense it, [your name]? There's evil in the air here! Last time I felt something like this was when I was crossing the Mirkwood all those years ago. We'll need to keep our wits sharp in here!
'We need to keep an eye out for Elrohir, but we shouldn't delay too long looking for him. Above all else, we must stop whatever evil is happening here. We must go now! Are you already?'
  • Defend Dwalin
Dwalin says, "Come along now."
Dwalin says, "There's Gormr!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Now!"
Dwalin says, "What devilry is this?"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Always the fool, Longbeard!"
Dwalin says, "Gormr! You must stop this!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Stop? Even as the Dourhands reclaim their glory? I think not!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "No more will Longbeards and Elves determine our fortunes!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Skorgrím will return! Of course, you will not live to see it...."
Dwalin says, "Don't do this, Gormr!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Deal with them!"
Dwalin says, "We must put an end to this madness!"
Dwalin says, "Beware! I fear there are more enemies ahead."
Dwalin says, "Hold a moment. I need to catch my breath."
Dwalin says, "I have to admit, I'm a bit out of practice with my axe."
Dwalin says, "Last real battle I fought in was the Battle of Five Armies...."
Dwalin says, "What a day that was! Didn't think I'd live to see the end of it."
Dwalin says, "Well, then. Enough talk... we have a job to do!"
Dwalin says, "Come on!"
Dwalin says, "It sounded like it came from over this way!"
Dwalin says, "It's coming from there!"
Dwalin says, "We must hurry!"

Objective 2

Dwalin indicated that water might be found in a tub to the south of the flames.

Gormr Dourhand says, "Now!"
Dwalin says, "Gormr! Enough of this! Can you not see the folly of this course?"
Gormr Dourhand says, "You sound like that Elf we captured!"
Dwalin says, "Elf? What Elf?"
Gormr Dourhand says, "His name matters not."
Gormr Dourhand says, "All that matters is the great honour we will confer upon him."
Gormr Dourhand says, "Skorgrím will take the Elf's life and herald our return to glory!"
Dwalin says, "Don't be a fool! Such actions could lead to war!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Good! I long for battle!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Goblins! See to it these fools do not leave here alive!"
Dwalin says, "Gormr!"
Dwalin says, "We must put out these flames!"
Dwalin says, "There's a tub of water behind us."
Dwalin says, "Draw some water from the tub and douse these flames!"
  • Draw water form the tub
  • Douse the flames with the water

Objective 3

Defend Dwalin as you continue on deeper into Skorgrím's tomb.

Dwalin says, "Get ready! The goblins are coming!"
  • Defend Dwalin
Dwalin says, "Let's take a break here."
Dwalin says, "I wonder how long the Dourhands were building this tomb?"
Dwalin says, "Probably started it soon after we left for the Lonely Mountain."
Dwalin says, "Can't say I'm surprised they aren't done yet..."
Dwalin says, "The Dourhands were always such slow builders!"
Dwalin says, "There I go again, chatting away! Let's get going!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Your journey ends here, Longbeard!"
Dwalin says, "Gormr, you are no dwarf!"
Dwalin says, "Hiding behind goblins and traps..."
Dwalin says, "You are a base coward!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "A coward? How dare you!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "I will show you the might of the Dourhands!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Open the gate!"
Dourhand Fighter says, "But Lord Gormr, Marrec said to let no one pass...."
Gormr Dourhand says, "I am in command here, not Marrec!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Do as I say! Open the gate!"
Dourhand Fighter says, "As you command...."
Gormr Dourhand says, "For Skorgrím!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "None can stand before my blade!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "I'll cleave you limb from limb!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "Worthless fool!"
Gormr Dourhand says, "I give my life... For Skorgrim!"
Dwalin says, "I must rest a spell after that fight."
Dwalin says, "Give me just a moment...."
  • Speak to Dwalin
'We are nearly at the end of our journey, I think. I am sorry for needing to pause so often. I am not as young as I used to be! Fortunately, I think my strength will hold up for one last push!
'I hope we are in time to stop this ceremony and keep that Elf Gormr spoke of from harm. I fear it is Elrohir who has been captured, and if an Elf of his stature and might has been taken, we face a greater than I first imagined!
'Let's not think such thoughts now, though. Are you ready to continue?'
Dwalin says, "All right, time to end this...."
Dwalin says, "I'll wager that door is barred...."
Dwalin says, "Aye, as I thought... but I think I can get it open."
Dwalin says, "Stand back now!"
Dwalin says, "Let's go!"
Dwalin says, "We must hurry!"

Objective 4

Continue to defend Dwalin as you near your goal: the place where the ceremony to restore Skorgrím is being held!

Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Fools! You have failed!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Skorgrím returns!"
Dwalin says, "Do not be too quick to rejoice, evil one!"
Dwalin says, "Even now we drive the Dourhands out of the Blue Mountains!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Fool, your "victory" today matters not!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "We accomplished what we set out to do. Our business here is complete!"
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "I return to the north with my charge."
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Marrec will deal with you and the Elf!"
Marrec says, "With great pleasure, my lord."
  • Defend Dwalin
Dwalin says, "I'm getting too old for this!"
Dwalin says, "Untie Elrohir. I'll keep watch for Dourhands and goblins.'

Objective 5

Free Elrohir from his bonds.

Arriving too late to stop the ceremony, Ivar led the restored Skorgrím away, tasking Marrec with slaying you. Fortunately, with your help, Dwalin was able to defeat Marrec.

  • Talk to Elrohir
'Ah, thank you, [your name]. It was perhaps rash on my part to come here alone. I did not realize the threat was as grave as it was. A creature such as that "Ivar" has not been seen in many centuries. I had hoped they had all been slain, but it would seem my hopes were in vain.
'It seems there is nothing more we can do here. Ivar's ceremony is complete, and I think we will not see him or the creature he raised in Ered Luin for a little while yet. Darkness is gathering in the East, but we still have a little time before it is upon us.
'We should conclude matters here and see to helping our friends to drive out the rest of the Dourhands! Speak to Dwalin and tell him that we should go.'

Objective 6

Elrohir told you that he did not think Ivar and Skorgrím would be a threat to Ered Luin for at least a little while.

  • Speak to Dwalin
'Ah, even though we did not stop the Dourhand's plans, we have done well this day, [your name]. At the end of the day Thorin's Hall shall be free of the Dourhands, and all will know they are dwarves of no account.
'I wonder though, when will we see the effects of this day and the return of Skorgrím? I hope that after you and your fellow Elves leave Thorin's Hall behind you, that you return and aid us. You have proven a valuable friend!
'Now, let us leave these halls behind us!'

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