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Wáli's Instructions

(These notes were provided with an earlier version of the quest and are now partly outdated. Many, but not all locations no longer houses the creatures mentioned in the notes.)

Every weapon draws its strength from the story it bears, and this one will be no different! The tasks I set before you may seem difficult, even impossible, but do not despair! You are a guardian, and if anyone can accomplish such deeds, a guardian can!

The following notes will steer you towards the tasks I would have you complete. It will take time for me to properly compose the tale of your weapon, and the sequence of your deeds is important - return to me with the items I ahve asked you for at the appropriate time.


Shataz has been an enemy of the dwarves for a long span of years. His kind once bellowed from the mountaintops at the folk of Durin, and we responded with a flurry of axes and hammers that all but tore the mountains asunder!

Shataz fled, and he was right to do so, for we would have destroyed him. In cowardice he sought the distant peaks of the Misty Mountains, for from the dwarves that pushed his kind out, and licked his wounds.

It took many years, but I have heard that Shataz has grown bold once again, and prowls now on the outskirts of the land of the giants in the Misty Mountains. What few travelers there are in that land have fled before the cruel bludgeon of Shataz or have been defeated. Put an end to the troll and retrieve his fearsome club. I do not fear it, and neither should you - we are guardians, and we laugh at trolls!


Deep within the great swamp of Malenhad, in the land of Angmar, goblins of the Tarkrîp clan keep watch for enemies of the Iron Crown. The vile fumes of that place coat their weapons with an unnatural sheen.

Bring five of their spears to me, for the coating can be purified and in that way cleansed of evil. Weapons of goblin-make are useless, but the tale of your weapon will be strengthened by their destruction.

When you have obtained the bludgeon of Shataz and retrieved brimstone-tinged spears from the Tarkrîp, return them to me before you seek the next set of components.


The bats of Himbar and of Carn Dûm are deadly creatures of evil, unmatched by those that roost outside of the land of Angmar. Their talons are cruelly-hooked, but I know you are a stalwart guardian and do not fear them! Twenty should be enough to strengthen the weapon I will fashion for you.


Himbar is also home to vicious spiders that rend their prey with their sharp fangs before drinking its blood. It's a nice place! If you have grown tired of Himbar while seeking the bat-talons for which I have also asked, you might find spiders of this variety on the plains of Gorothlad, east of the great swamp of Malenhad.


The wargs of Angmar are a cruel breed, merciless and bloodthirsty. I have tangled with them on several occasions, and I could show you a scar or two that's thanks to their curved claws. I think it's time those favours were repaid, and you're just the one I want to do it! Look for Wargs among the foothills of Fasach-falroid or on the plains of Gorothlad, and bring back some of their claws.

When you have retrieved the talons, mandibles and claws for which I have asked, bring them to me, and I will begin to make use of them to harden your weapon before you set out to collect the final set of components.


I know Barashal the Gorthorog only by reputation... he killed three of my kin when they sought a hidden passage into the city of Carn Dûm to try and bring down the evil city. For me, that is enough - take his horn! Expect no mercy from him. Barashal would relish the opportunity to colour his horn afresh with your blood.


A Sigil of War is in the possession of Gruglok, a comander of the Uruk-fortress Urugarth. He holds court over a great arena in the fortress city, and if you wish to wrest the Sigil of War from his clutches, you will likely need to do so on his own terms.

When you have obtained a crimson Gorthorog-horn from Carn Dûm and a Sigil of War from Urugarth, bring them to me and I will finish your weapon.

Copied here of archaeological reasons. -- Zimoon (talk) 11:14, 3 November 2012 (EDT)