Quest Talk:Getting the Blade Back

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For Reference

In the bestowal dialogue, Nate was going to use the sword on the boars, then it was changed to using it on the workers:

See, Nate said that before he gave the sword to Blake, he was going to test the blade against some boars around the abandoned graveyard north of Bree.

The quest's first objective mentions the boars, and it was changed to the workers:

Nate may be found near the boar-dens in the valley below the abandoned graveyard, north of Bree.
Kenton told you that Nate said he was going to test the sword on some boars who roam near the abandoned graveyard north of Bree. If you can find Nate there, perhaps you can get Lofar's sword back.

However, the second objective does not make any mention of workers, just boars:

Unfortunately for him, the blade broke and he was slain by one of the boars he sought to kill.

-- Starbursty 19:48, 22 March 2011 (EDT)