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For Reference

For reference, here is the old Bestowal Dialogue:

'A summons arrived here by raven this morning, [your name], calling you to the House of Elrond, far to the east. I do not know why Elrond Halfelven requests your presence, but it must be for an errand of some urgency if he sends ravens on the wing here to Echad Garthadir.

'I do not begrudge your people their long lives, [your name], but I wonder if you would tell your master not to forget the Race of Men. We are strong and stout of heart, though we live for a shorter span. Some would say we burn the brighter for it.

'You will find Master Elrond in his house in Rivendell, of course.'

-- Starbursty 22:14, 21 March 2011 (EDT)