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This quest is actually named: "Book 3, Foreword: Fires in the North" in game.

It is painful to find the article for this quest.

If you start to enter "Quest:Book 3, Foreword: Fires in the North" you will not get search completion suggestions. Starting to enter "Book 3, Foreword: Fires in the North" is no better". Even starting to enter "Foreword: Fires in the North" does not work. Trying "Fires in the North" does not do any good. When you don't get suggestions, you end up going to the full search page. In this case, the result you want is a couple of links down.

If you start to enter "Quest:Foreword: Fires in the North", you will get suggestions. But, how is the newcomer supposed to guess that he/she needs to mangle the in-game quest name this way.

This is a continuing source of inconvenience for me. Lord only knows how newcomers to the site cope with the inconsistent naming of epic quests. We are stuck with a decision made by someone back when quests started to have the book number at the front. That is now proving to have been the wrong decision. Now there are many more epic quests with the book number, or volume and book numbers, in front than without. I counted over 40 quests that start with "Chapter 1:". None of those have the correct in-game name. Not a single one has the correct name.

It is time to fix this mess.

Make every quest have a wiki article name that starts with the full text of the quest name as it appears in game. Append a parenthetic phrase when necessary to disambiguate name collisions.

It does not appear to be sufficient (i.e., fix the ajax search box) to have a redirect with the correct name pointing to the existing (wrongly named) page. If that worked, it might be an easy interim solution.

- RingTailCat (talk) 00:51, 24 July 2012 (EDT)