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For Reference

Here is the old background for the quest:

Scouts reported seeing a strange uruk, and overheard the Orc overseers under his command calling out "Chieftain Gûrsh" as he strode away toward the Library at Tham Mírdain. It appears that we have identified the leader of this war effort out of Angmar, and now we must do what we can to end this menace.

Here is the old dialogue when turning in to Ornras in Echad Mirobel:

Chieftain Gûrsh is gone! We Elves have you to thank for this great boon to our efforts. The forces of the north will splinter without leadership, and this victory will prove a turning point in the defence of these ruins.

-- Starbursty 14:33, 29 May 2011 (EDT)