Quest Talk:Chapter 7: The Ravages of Time

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For Reference

Here is the bestowal dialogue of the server has not had a turn-in of 70,000 Ring-lore:'

I have little doubt of the Enemy's intentions, though I do not know whether they will bear out. That is our one hope.
There is much Ring-lore of Eregion remaining here in Rivendell, for I myself wrote it, but there is much also that was lost in the destruction of our ancient city. In order to learn how much of Angmar's plans may yet be possible, we need to find the lost lore.
Whether it still exists or not, I cannot say, but I have sent forth Heralds throughout Eriador to collect any they may find. I want you to lend your aid to them as you may. It may be that the Enemy has found some of the lost lore themselves.

-- Starbursty 12:16, 9 May 2011 (EDT)