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Moved the following notes temporarily from the quest page, as the Helm's Dike epic quest is separate from the Helm's Dike repeatable epic battle quest. -Laineth (talk) 07:42, 8 March 2014 (UTC)


  • Toon is level 95
  • Level scaling you to level 95.
  • Scaling up your equipment.
  • Scaling your virtues up to at least rank 14.

Helm's Dike

"Helm's Dike forms the first barrier of defence for Rohan's final stand. The rearguard left here must buy time for the defenders to prepare the fortress and wall for the oncoming siege. Saruman's army marches, angry and ready for war."

New Quest: Helm's Dike The crates here contain siege weaponry and barricades engineers can deploy.

Gamling says, Glad to see you are here to aid the defence. We need all the able bodies we can get.
Gamling says, I believe we have a few moments before the enemy will march. Take them and inspect the line.
Gamling says, When you are satisfied, come back and we shall confer. Be hasty, time is not on our side.
Commander says, Our troops have drilled and prepared themselves for this day.
Commander says, We group up in squads where commanders will relay your orders.
Commander says, Through Promotions you can improve the impact of the orders you deliver.
Commander says, If you wish, try telling me some orders to deliver to my men.
Soldier says, The enemy outnumbers us by the thousands. If we stand toe to toe we will lose.
Soldier says, We must leverage all our assets and strengths, including our siege weaponry.
Soldier says, They are complicated machines, a great many things can be done to and with them.
Soldier says, Engineering Promotions will expand your options and efficacy.
Soldier says, Get some practice with this small ballista while we have a few moments.
Soldier says, There are a couple of other pieces of siege deployed here, and some crated up you can deploy yourself.
Gamling says, Nock your arrows, Rohirrim. The enemy marches!