Quest Talk:Chapter 2: Ringbearer's Respite

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Alternate Dialogue

Hobbits receive slight variations in the quest dialogue. They're a bit long to include in the Notes section, so I'll record the texts in their entirety here.

Milwen: 'Before you go, <name>, you should know that you are not the only hobbit that has come to Lórien in recent days. In fact, I understand that you are known to these hobbits and their friends, and all will be pleased to see you.
'Frodo Baggins is resting with some members of his company on the crest of the hill. I do not know what errand has brought them to the Golden Wood, or if you have been entrusted with knowledge of it, but I am sure they will be pleased to see you.'
Frodo Baggins: '<name>! When Milwen told me another hobbit had come to Lothlórien, I had no idea it would be you! We have come such a long way from the Shire, haven't we? There is still a long way to go, but here in Lothlórien I have found it difficult to worry too much about the road ahead.
'You have to tell Sam and me what has happened since we parted! It feels like a lifetime has passed since leaving Rivendell, and several at least since last we saw Bag End!
'But Sam does not seem as surprised to see you as I am, <name>. You haven't become the chief conspirator of another conspiracy, have you, Sam?'
Samwise Gamgee: 'Hullo there, Apis! Me, a conspirator? It's not like that at all, Mr. Frodo, and you know I'm not cut out for the keeping of secrets, despite your teasing.
'It's just that so many queer things have happened to us already, and this place being so Elvish and all, I'd just about given up being surprised when something out of the ordinary happens. And here comes <name> out of the woods, walking big as you please! These Elves have never had so many hobbit-visitors before, I imagine, and it seems to me they find us as funny as we find them!
'You should find Mr. Merry somewhere around this hill, <name>; I know he'll be pleased as punch to see you. He's taking one of his walks, and may be resting in one of the private gardens along the perimeter now.'
Meriadoc Brandybuck: 'Well hello there, <name>! I have to admit I did not think to run into you here in Lórien! You're on the wrong side of the mountains, aren't you? Aren't we all!'
Merry's face lights up as he laughs long and loudly.'
'Pippin is around here somewhere, taking a nap, I believe. No, I wouldn't wake him -- we'll all have plenty of time to catch up, I imagine. Lothlórien is so peaceful, it's hard to remember how hard our road will be, and has been!
'I wonder if you might track down Boromir; he doesn't seem to be having as good a time here as the rest of us. I think he's impatient to get going again, but maybe seeing you again will cheer him up. I last saw him on the northwest outskirts of the great clearing from which Cerin Amroth rises.'
Boromir: Unchanged
Gimli: Unchanged