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Quest Comments

Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch: "Bone Man? Barrow-downs? I know nothing of such things, nor do I care to! But I want rid of that accursed shade in the alley.

"Talk to Newbold Leafcutter. He's a scholar of such dark and mysterious things. He went gallivanting off to the Barrow-downs."

It's likely that Newbold Leafcutter also has a comment.

Old Quest-line Name

Bone Man retains the old quest line name of Shield-brother while its new quests previous did not (other than the quest [19] Shield-brother).

For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue and Background given by the Lost Shade in the old version of the quest.

===Bestowal dialogue===
Alas...I had hoped my shield-brother would be easily freed, but I suppose it was not meant to be so.
I believe the Bone Man is somewhere in the southern reaches of the Barrow-downs, but in sooth I know not just where he may be found. Perhaps someone in this town has heard of him and can tell thee more than I.
I know I have no right to ask thee to face such a fearsome foe as the Bone Man, but for the sake of my shield-brother, I must. Please, search for the Bone Man and destroy him. Alas, I do not know if he can be defeated by a single warrior, even a mighty one, so thou should take allies with thee upon this quest.'
The shade in Bree still seeks to free his shield-brother from the curse that binds him to the shadow-realm and to Middle-earth, despite the grim news you brought to him.

Also, upon killing Bone Man, its used to say:

Bone Man says, "Ha ha ha.... Bow down, slaves! The Bone Man will rend your flesh!"
Freed Shade says, "At last!"
Freed Shade says, "Free!"
Freed Shade says, "At last!"
Shield-brother's Shade says, " at last! I hear my shield-brother's voice from afar. At last I have been forgiven. Thank you...and farewell!"