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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue from Óli:

Greetings, friend! I would not have thought it possible to run into another member of the Inn League here, atop the peaks of the Misty Mountains. Yet, here you are, and perhaps you are of a mind to help a League member in need.
You see, my cousin, Atli Spider-bane, sent word to me of an ale he has taken a liking to -- and that is putting it mildly. His letter goes on and on about this ale, and now I simply must have a taste of it! I suppose if I had taken up the Inn League Challenge I would have tasted it, but I've no time at the moment. My duties to Glóin keep me far too busy. Perhaps, though, you can help me in this regard.
If you happen to be near the Comb and Wattle Inn in Bree-land, would you stop by and purchase a pint of "Beakbreaker Ale" for me?'