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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue from Saerthuithel:

Hail, friend, and welcome to Echad Candelleth. Are you perhaps travelling into the South? Or, as my heart hopes, are you heading to the West, perhaps into the land of the Halflings?
You see, I travelled through there not many days hence and met a merry party of Halflings in one of their inns, the Golden Perch. These Halflings were all members of something they called a "Inn League." Unlike most of their kin, who seemed suspicious of outsiders, they were most welcoming, even inviting me into their League. While I was among them, they gave me something they called "Brandy Wine." It was a simple wine, but a very pleasant drink. Now that I am far from their lands, I find that I miss this wine, perhaps because it reminds of their pleasant company.
If in your travels you find yourself near the Golden Perch, please buy for me a glass of their wine. I would be most grateful for this favour!'