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For Reference

Here is the old bestowal dialogue from Lendasil:

Greetings to you. I see that you are a member of the halflings' "Inn League" as well. Some find them a frivolous people, but it is good to find some pleasures in this Middle-earth, especially when confronted with ruins such as these.
Soon I will leave Middle-earth behind, and yet I have decided to complete their Inn League's Challenge. It affords me a wonderful opportunity to taste all that will be lost to me when I leave these lands behind. Yet it seems I have neglected to drink one of the finest wines in Middle-earth: Dorwinion White. Sadly, beyond journeying to Dorwinion itself, this can only be found in Rivendell.
Would you obtain this wine for me? I fear I cannot leave my contemplation at Edhelion. Sogadan, the vintner, is a friend of mine and will likely have what I desire.'

Good, but does not the bestowal and the objective look really odd? Such as from the inn keeper you can buy the wine and then travel to her, she is not mentioned other than as recipient in the end? Well, let's see next festival, but I doubt I even have a toon at that level by then :P Zimoon (talk) 04:35, 7 December 2011 (EST)