Quest Talk:A Member in Need

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For Reference

Here is the Bestowal dialogue from Múli:

I can't believe it! I simply cannot believe it! I would have sooner forgotten my tools than that! What? Oh, sorry, friend. I just discovered something rather alarming! I've just arrived from Thorin's Hall to help my kin with their work, and I realized I forgot to bring any "Bombur's Beard Lager!"
I tell you, that lager is the finest beer to be found west of the Misty Mountains, and here I am, stuck for the next year out here in Othrikar, without any. I can't work like this! All I'll be doing is tormenting myself thinking about that delicious taste....
Wait, you are a fellow member of the hobbits' Inn League, aren't you? Perhaps you would do me a favour and fetch me a bit of the lager from Thorin's Hall. I just don't know if I can carry on without it!'