Quest Talk:A Drink of the Worst Character

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For Reference

Here is the old Bestowal dialogue by Nathalan:

Greetings! I am Nathalan, and soon I will make a name for myself in the Inn League by completing their Challenge...not that such a title would be of much consequence.
You see, anyone can complete the Challenge. However, for one to truly appreciate a drink's character, one must surround oneself with an atmosphere that matches it. The hearty ales of the Shire are best enjoyed in those lands, while the purity of Elf-wines taste their finest if drunk within their refuges.
Yet there are drinks of the worst quality and these must be consumed in the worst of surroundings. I have come here looking for an ale to match these lands, yet can find none. However, all is not lost, as I have heard of something called "Swill" which can only be found at The Forsaken Inn. Would you bring me this drink? I fear I have too much to accomplish here to make the journey myself.'