Quest:Whispers of the Enemy

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Whispers of the Enemy
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Legolas
Starts at Rath Cail
Start Region Lhingris
Map Ref [50.7S, 6.3E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Lhingris
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Be still, <name>.

'Down in the vale, I see a few gatherings of Orcs positioned beside the road. Trackers of some kind, I believe. We shall have to move more carefully from here onward!

'What do they search for, I wonder? They must realise it is too late to secure the Enemy's Ring!

'Ah, but it seems they are more interested in talking than keeping to their posts. I see gatherings of Orcs by what I believe to be a watchtower, by an Orc-hold of some sort, and another gathering of them beside the road in the vale.

'Will you eavesdrop on them, my friend? We might learn more of what has happened in Lhingris since the Enemy's downfall!

'I shall keep watch here and stop any other Orcs from approaching you!'


Hoping to learn more of what has happened in Lhingris in the aftermath of Sauron's downfall, Legolas has asked you to eavesdrop on the Orc-trackers of Rath Cail.

Objective 1

Orc-trackers can be found throughout Rath Cail, near the Orc-hold of Kála-murg, and near the watchtower of Lugvarg.

Legolas has asked you to eavesdrop on the Orcs in Rath Cail to learn more of what has happened in Lhingris since Sauron's fall.

NOTE: You must select at least one of the gathered Orcs at each location to advance this quest.

You can hear the hushed voices of the Orc-trackers. You should listen closely...

Orc-trackers in Rath Cail

Mordor Orc-tracker says, "The Tower's got us looking for an Elf-warrior, but Lugvarg's found something interesting...."
Mordor Orc-tracker says, "Some queer little pots, they said. Maybe they belonged to the one Shagrat let out!"

Orc-trackers near Kala-murg

Mordor Orc-tracker says, "The Silent One's gone missing, and I don't like it...."
Mordor Orc-tracker says, "Little sneak was at Kála-murg until a few days ago, but he's gone now!"

Orc-trackers near Lugvarg

Mordor Orc-tracker says, "As if Lhingris couldn't get any worse, Glupronk says Kála-murg's in a real mess...."
Mordor Orc-tracker says, "They got some disease in the Orc-hold that eats 'em from the inside out!"

Objective 2

Legolas can be found in the northern reaches of Rath Cail.

You have carefully overheard the conversations of the Orc-trackers of Lhingris and should now return to Legolas.

Legolas:: 'Hah! An Elf Warrior? I think the Orcs may have misjudged Master Samwise! Although, from the sound of it, the Orcs of Lugvarg may have found some of our friends' belongings left behind from when they passed through Mordor.'
'It is curious that the Orcs of this Kála-murg are unaware of the Silent One's treachery. They think him missing? I suppose they cannot spare much thought for him while a strange disease is spreading through the Orc-hold. The disease must be a potent one...'