Quest:Weekly Conquest: Scourges

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Weekly Conquest: Scourges
Level 115
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Expedition Organizer
Starts at Allegiance Hall
Quest Chain Allegiance: Weekly Conquest
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Aster Hayward: 'Hello again! Feeling brave?

'There's some extra-nasty monsters out there in Gorgoroth. You may have spotted them in your travels already! We need some skilled adventurers to band together and defeat the beasties!'

Glórellas: '<name>, I'm afraid I have a dangerous mission for you.

'Our trackers have identified several grave threats to the peace. These large and deadly foes travel throughout Gorgoroth wreaking havoc. You must band together with other brave adventurers and put a stop to them while we have the chance.'

Tancram: '<name>, I have a mission for you, if you're willing to accept it.'

'We have identified several prime targets for you and other skilled volunteers to take on. These huge monsters roam Gorgoroth, disrupting our operations. They need to be dealt with if we're ever going to gain control of the region. Should you choose to hunt them down, be careful.'

Vórthi: '<name>, I have a real challenge for you this time.

'There's a group of particularly dangerous creatures in Gorgoroth, and we need a group of hardy adventurers to put them down. There's no chance of securing the region until it's done! Good hunting!'


There is much to do for the Conquest of Gorgoroth to succeed. This week, you should focus your efforts on Scourges.

Objective 1

Scourges can be found throughout Gorgoroth.

You should defeat each Scourge in Gorgoroth.

Objective 2

Expedition Organizers can be found in Allegiance Halls.

You should talk to your Expedition Organizer.

Expedition Organizer: 'The Conquest of Gorgoroth thanks you for your aid, adventurer. Take this as a token of our gratitude.'