Quest:Weapon Repossession

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Weapon Repossession
Level 117
Type Solo
Starts with Grámi Hornhelm
Starts at Olin's Forge
Quest Group The Defence of Hammerstead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The weapons from the convoy are probably already in the hands of the Easterlings at Utterby, but you may be able to recover the ones stolen by the soldiers outside. Hurry, before they decide to cut their losses and retreat!'


Grámi Hornhelm has asked you to recover what stolen weapons you can, before the Jangovar retreat back to Utterby.

Objective 1

  • Recover stolen weapons (0/7)

The dwarf-made weapons stolen by the Jangovar may still be nearby!

You should recover stolen weapons.

STOLEN WEAPONS "A crate of dwarf-made weapons stolen from Hammerstead."
Picking up ...
Recovered stolen weapons (7/7)

Objective 2

You should talk to Grámi Hornhelm, who can be found inside Hammerstead, in the northern Ironfold.

Grámi Hornhelm: Grámi sighs deeply.
'At least some of our work was recovered. Thank you, <name>.'