Quest:Unexpected Executions

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Unexpected Executions
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable yes
Starts with Halhir
Starts at Osgiliath Culverts
Start Region Osgiliath
Map Ref [62.7S, 8.8W]
Quest Group Osgiliath
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'<name>, I have a task for you.

'You saved my men from the blades of the Enemy, but not all of my brothers were so fortunate. Over in the eastern streets, by Meneldil's Square, the half-trolls sharpen their axes and await more men to bring them down upon. Although I did not think it upon our first meeting, you are a bold <class> and I would count your skills among the finest of my men. My brothers must be avenged, and I would have the honour be yours.

'Go to the square and perform some executions of your own, my friend. The half-trolls must pay for what they have done!'


Determined to avenge the lost Rangers of Ithilien, Halhir sends you to Meneldil's Square to perform a few executions of your own.

Objective 1

Half-troll executioners can be found near Meneldil's Square in western Osgiliath.

Halhir has asked you to defeat half-troll executioners in western Osgiliath to avenge his fallen brothers.

Defeat half-troll executioners in Osgiliath (8/8)

Objective 2

Halhir can be found in the culverts of Osgiliath.

You have defeated many of the half-troll executioners and should now return to Halhir.

Halhir: 'I hope they suffered as much as my brothers did, <name>.
'I shall not rest until the forces of the Enemy lay dead and broken, and I am glad to have an ally such as you.
'You have my thanks, but our work is not yet done.'