Quest:Tricks of the Trade

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Tricks of the Trade
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Hildulf
Starts at Middlemead
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [54.0S, 73.2W]
End Region Kingstead
Quest Group Middlemead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now then, what is it that Mágla wants you to do? Aid us? Surely, that cannot be all... <name>, if you wished to spend more time with us, you had naught to do but ask!

'The traders are more than capable of managing their own affairs, but if you insist on helping, who am I to stop you? Folcbur, Déorwald, and Béored are a busy bunch but, call it ill luck if you will, all have been visited nasty troubles as of late. You can find them at their posts where they so often are, and speak to them at your leisure.

'Perhaps it is good that you came to aid them then... for who knows what other troubles you might help them avoid!'


As Thane Mágla's suspicions into the identity of the traitor go unallayed, Hildulf and the traders struggle with myriad problems inside and outside Middlemead.

Objective 1

Folcbur, Déorwald, and Béored can be found at the traders' pavillion in central Middlemead.

Hildulf has asked you to aid the traders with troubles they have brought to his attention. You should speak to the traders nearby to learn of their plights.

Complete Silence at the Homestead, Curious Errands, Saddled with the Stock, and Sold Out

Objective 2

Hildulf can be found at the traders' pavillion in central Middlemead.

You have aided the traders of Middlemead with their troubles, and should now report your success to Hildulf.

Hildulf: '<name>! I did not expect to see you... and so soon!
'I trust you did not have too much trouble aiding them?'
You tell Hildulf of the numerous grim events of the day and the strength of the Enemy nearby.
'Ah... tragic, but all too common these days. You are awfully lucky to have escaped such a fate! Now then, Mágla must be missing you!
'Off you go!'
Clearly preoccupied, Hildulf shoos you away to Thane Mágla

Objective 3

Thane Mágla can be found inside the Mead Hall of Middlemead.

You have aided the traders and spoken to Hildulf. Hildulf has asked you to speak to Thane Mágla.

Mágla: 'You were away for some time, <name>. I had begun to think you would not return...
You tell Mágla of your dealings with the traders and Hildulf.
'You encountered many dangers but outlasted them all; your skill is unquestionable, but I am curious why Hildulf would be so quick to send you away. He has never been one to be flustered by the chance happenings of a day, for better or worse. And all of these suspicious dealings with the apprentice, missing horses, and failed shipments... something is afoot here, <name>.
'We shall start with Hildulf. Bring him here, and we shall see what he has to say on these matters.'

Objective 4

  • Escort Hildulf to the Mead Hall of Middlemead

Hildulf can be found at the traders' pavillion in central Middlemead.

Thane Mágla has asked you to bring Hildulf to the Mead Hall to answer about suspicious happenings in and around Middlemead.

Much to your dismay, Hildulf is nowhere to be found

Objective 5

  • Talk to Thane Mágla

Thane Mágla can be found in the Mead Hall of Middlemead.

Hildulf has vanished from Middlemead, and cannot be found. You should return to Mágla with this news.

Mágla: 'Hildulf's gone, is he not?
'I thought as much from what you told me before, <name>. For my part, I sent a few guards to his home as soon as you left, and they informed me that his home had been torn asunder as if he had departed with great haste. Among his keepings, they found the shredded remains of a note signed by Wormtongue.
'I believe we have found our traitor, <name>.'