Quest:Treacherous Hunger

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Treacherous Hunger
Level 43
Type Solo
Starts with Tasgall
Starts at Fasach-larran
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [2.5N, 38.4W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Strange Beasts
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The hillbeasts we are hunting in Fasach-larran are bred of two mighty creatures, Bangrath and Murragrath, too aged and cautious to be caught unawares. But that is precisely what we must do!

'Hill-beasts thrive on the large crawlers that infest Fasach-larran. With enough we might be able to lure Bangrath and Murragrath out of hiding.

'I care not where the crawlers come from, but there are many of them throughout Fasach-larran. Kill crawlers wherever you find them and bring their remains to me. I will prepare a mixture that may seem repulsive to you and me, but will be hard for our foes to resist.'


Tasgall has come up with a plan by which the threat of the hill-beasts may be greatly lessened.

Objective 1

Crawlers can be found throughout Fasach-larran.

Tasgall has asked you to collect remains from the crawlers of Fasach-larran so he may create bait to lure out Bangrath and Murragrath.

Tasgall: 'Crawlers can be found all throughout Fasach-larran, <name>. Defeat the creatures and bring me their remains so I can prepare bait to lure Bangrath and Murragrath out of hiding.'

Objective 2

Tasgall's campsite is north of Aughaire and southeast of Nád Nathair.

You have collected the remains of several crawlers from Fasach-larran, and should bring them now to Tasgall.

Tasgall: 'The remains of these crawlers are not pleasant to smell or look upon, but trust me when I say they are a delicacy to the creatures we hunt. I will prepare bait from this with which we draw Bangrath and Murragrath out of hiding.'