Quest:Tracking the Enemy

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Tracking the Enemy
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Legolas
Starts at Rath Cail
Start Region Lhingris
Map Ref [50.7S, 6.3E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Lhingris
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

<name>, what did you hear of Kála-murg?'

You tell Legolas about the disease ravaging Kála-murg and the Orc-tracker, Glupronk, that was mentioned by the Orcs.

'This Glupronk must lead the Orc-trackers in their search for the Elf-warrior. It is likely he knows many of the hidden paths of Lhingris, and his knowledge may be useful in our search.

'Travel to Kála-murg and seek the Orc, Glupronk. If he bears any orders, take them and we shall see what can be learned from them.

'Be careful, <name>. We know little of the disease that has taken the Orcs...'


Desperate to capture an elusive Elf-warrior, the Orc-trackers of Kála-murg now keep a close watch on Rath Cail.

Objective 1

Glupronk can likely be found deep within the Orc-hold of Kála-murg.

The Orc, Glupronk, is in command of Kála-murg and seeks the Elf-warrior. Legolas hopes to learn more of the Orcs of Lhingris and of the hidden cavern where Shelob makes her home.

BILE-COVERED BOW "An Orkish bow covered in bile."
Examining ...

A gruesome figure shambles out of the shadows...

Your mighty blow defeated Glupronk the Hollowed.
You pull a damp missive off Glupronk...

Objective 2

  • Read Glupronk's missive from Cirith Ungol

You are carrying a missive from Cirith Ungol. You should read it.

Orders from Cirith Ungol:
'You're going to find the Elf-warrior, or the High Up is going to hear about it! No excuses this time! Shagarat claims the last garrison tore itself apart over a trinket, but I don't believe it. Nothing's worth that much! Even if Shagrat was telling the truth, that Elf-warrior stuck a pin into Shelob and we haven't seen Her Ladyship since!
'One last thing! If the Silent One passes through Kála-murg, send him back to Cirith Ungol! I have need of his...skills.
'Captain Róglarg'
The missive warns of an Elf-warrior that slew the garrison of Cirith Ungol and stuck "Shelob"!

Objective 3

  • Deliver the missive to Legolas in Rath Cail

Legolas can be found in Rath Cail.

You have read a troubling missive from the Captain of Cirith Ungol. You should deliver it to Legolas and see what he makes of it.

Legolas: ' 'What have you found, <name>?'
You hand Legolas the missive from Cirith Ungol.
'Are you certain the Orcs have confused Master Samwise with the Elf-warrior? This Captain Róglarg seems to think Sam slew an entire garrison of Orcs by himself. Master Samwise is a loyal and brave hobbit, but he is not a practical warrior!'
'Stranger still, Captain Róglarg speaks of the Elf-warrior sticking a pin in Shelob. A mere blade could not wound such an ancient creature... not on its own. If only Sam had told us of his encounter with Shelob!'
'There can be no longer any doubt Ungwetári still dwells in the Ephel Dúath, but she now tends her wounds in the shadowed caverns of the mountains...'