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Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Thrasi
Starts at Thrasi's Lodge
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [21.6S, 94.2W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain The Cat's Meow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now the mother has a belly full of rabbit, but she still doesn't seem all that fat and sassy.

'I'm thinking that maybe an old Dwarf home-remedy might do. I've got plenty of mead, but I'm going to need some of the old secret ingredient. Now it just happens there's sharp-thistle plants in the area. I need you to go and collect some thorns, so I can grind them and mix them with the mead.

'Anyway, there's thistle-plants around the woods north of the cabin.'


You found a rabbit carcass with which to feed the mother lynx. But she still does not seem well enough to hunt on her own.

Objective 1

There are sharp-thistle plants around the wood north of Thrasi's lodge.

Thrasi asked you to collect sharp-thistle plants to make a draught to cure the mother lynx's injuries.

Thrasi: 'Please collect those sharp-thistle plants.'
Thrasi: 'Excellent. It won't take too long to brew this draught....'