Quest:The Wild Hunt: Arassiel's Spirit

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The Wild Hunt: Arassiel's Spirit
Level 65
Type Solo
Starts with Arassiel
Starts at Hall of the Huntsman
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [72.8S, 24.3W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Three spirits you have faced and overcome. Now ye must hunt the fourth and last.

(Race of Man?): 'Go forth and prove thy wisdom, and the Huntsman's favour shall be thine, mortal.

(Elves): 'Go forth and prove thy wisdom, and the Huntsman's favour shall be thine, Child of the Stars.

'Take my blessings with thee, for I would see the glory of the Free Peoples rekindled in the age to come, and much rests upon thee and thy friends.'


Arassiel has sent you forth to challenge the last of the spirits of the Wild Hunt in a test of wisdom.

Objective 1

The stag-spirit of Arassiel dwells in the southern reaches of the Mournshaws.

Arassiel has charged you with challenging her stag-spirit servant.

Arassiel: 'You must challenge the stag-spirit to fulfil your task.'
Mystic Pool: As you kneel by the waters of the pool, a strangely mesmerizing glow emanates from the waters.

Feeling dazed as you stare into the glowing water, you reach down to cup a handful and bring it to your lips....

Objective 2

Arassiel is in the Huntsman's Hall.

You should return to Arassiel with news of your success.

Arassiel: 'Thus concludes the Wild Hunt, <name>. Thou hast proven thy virtue in this ancient rest.
'Thou hast earned the Huntsman's favour, but watch thy tongue in his presence, for his patience with the chatter of mortals is brief indeed.'