Quest:The Ruined City -- Tier 1

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The Ruined City -- Tier 1
Level 100
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Automatic Quest Bestowal
Starts at Osgiliath Culverts
Start Region Eastern Gondor
Map Ref [62.7S, 8.8W]
Ends at Palace of Eldacar
End Region Eastern Gondor
Map Ref [61.2S, 11.2W]
Quest Group The Ruined City
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Through ruined Osgiliath, you pursue a mysterious figure arrayed in Faramir's tattered cloak. When at last you catch up, will you find Faramir beneath the hood? Will you know the face for friend or foe? You must hope, at least, that you will learn something of Faramir's final fate."


You have pursued a mysterious figure dressed in Faramir's cloak ever since you saw it exiting the tunnels under Osgiliath. Is it truly Faramir? You will never know unless you catch up with it.

Objective 1

  • Defeat the Haradrim Captain Jukotor
  • Defeat the maddened Troll, Thrug
  • Pursue the mysterious stranger

Follow the mysterious figure.

Half-troll Executioner says, This will be no contest.

You will not escape our Lord's wrath!
Good. My weapon thirsts for battle.
You dare stand before me?

Haradrim Devoted says, You disgust me! Pathetic… What a worthless lot! Haaaah!

Haradrim Archer says, Never trust an Orc with your life!

You disgust me!
Fear our might!
What a worthless lot!

Jukotor says, Are you lucky fools or fearsome foes, to have come this far?

A gift is what you are, for you shall win me favour with the Eye.
Men of Harad! To arms!

Defeated Jukotor

Morgul Raider says, Hey, what's that there? Get 'em!

Morgul Raider says, Now you listen. We're not to drink a drop more till word comes down. And no talk-back!

Morgul Captain says, Hoy! What have we here?

Morgul Defiler says, Look sharp now, worms. We've got trouble.

Get up! Get up! There's foes sneaking right beneath our noses!
Well, this will whet their appetites!
Stick them full of arrows! Cut them with your swords!
Thought I smelled something horrid on the wind.

Morgul Raider says, You've gone where you shouldn't and now you'll pay!

Morgul Archer says, Yes, you'll beg for mercy before we're done with you! Fall to your knees if you hope to live. I want to see you grovel and beg! Outmatched and outnumbered. You don't stand a chance.

Thrug shouts, Grrrrrrrr.

Bloody... little.... Orcs!

Defeated Thrug

Morgul Defiler says, March, you maggots. Or you'll all be whipped for impudence!

Keep marching or I'll--what's that, now? Sneaking, lurking foes is what!

Haradrim Archer says, You fool. He would have talked.

Mysterious Figure shouts, You. You have dragged behind me wherever I've gone.

Like this cloak, this mantle given to me by Faramir. Before he fled. Before... when I was Lúmithil.
Before I served the Eye. Before I wielded... power.
You. Let me look into your eyes. You know... dangerous things. I will break you. Like the Morgul blade that broke in me.

Objective 2

The mysterious figure has been revealed to be the Ranger Lúmithil, stabbed with a Morgul-blade and changed into a Cargûl.

Lúmithil shouts, And leave the hilt. And take the tip of truth to warn my masters.

Lúmithil says, A cut!

Lúmithil shouts, Break and warn.

This place... has been a grave for many. And the dead... the dead are my friends.
You will join the dead. And become my playthings.

Lúmithil says, Hrrmgraaah!

Lúmithil shouts, You are frail... living... you cannot withstand.

Say Faramir lived. Say he returned to the White City. What a tale of unconquerable odds he would tell!
Hope is a thing that shall die. And with it, the frail candles of your lives!
Defeated Lúmithil

Completed: The Ruined City -- Tier 1