Quest:The Misty Mountains

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The Misty Mountains
Level 40
Type Solo
Starts with Glorenglir
Starts at Market of Rivendell
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.4S, 5.6W]
Ends with Glóin
Ends at Glóin's Camp
End Region The Misty Mountains
Map Ref [24.8S, 4.0W]
Quest Group Misty Mountains
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There is much to do in the Misty Mountains to the North. The giants have begun to wander and there are goblins throughout the fields. I fear our northern border is no longer safe Tardaros. An old friend of the Elves, Glóin, has a camp to the north of here, in the south-western area of the Misty Mountains.

'Find Glóin in the Misty Mountains and see what you can do to aid him.'


Glóin is dealing with multiple issues in the Misty Mountains and could use aid.

Objective 1

  • Speak to Glóin in the Misty Mountains

Glóin has camped out in the Misty Mountains and is trying to deal with the threats present there.
Glóin can be found at his camp in the south-west of the Misty Mountains.

Glóin: 'There is much to do here, friend. I am glad you are here to aid our cause.'