Quest:The Minions of Muiráthakh

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The Minions of Muiráthakh
Level 44
Type Fellowship
Starts with Artagan
Starts at Donnvail
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [7.3N, 35.5W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Muiráthakh, the Silent Judge, brought a number of warriors with him from Carn Dûm; they protect him and uphold his judgements. While they remain in the city, Donnvail will never be free.

'Look for Iron Crown warriors and crossbowmen in the neighborhood beyond the eastward arch, <name>. Bring your allies and defeat these servants of Muiráthakh.

'We must undermine his rule of Donnvail is to break free from the bonds Carn Dûm.'


Muiráthakh, the Silent Judge, commands the loyalty of many warriors sent from Carn Dûm. Artagan wants them eliminated.

Objective 1

Iron Crown warriors and crossbowmen can be found in the neighborhood beyond the arch east of Una's allies.

Artagan wants you to undermine Muiráthakh's rule in Donnvail by defeating his servants.

Artagan: 'Beyond the eastward arch, the servants of Muiráthakh protect the Silent Judge and his unlawful rulings. Bring allies and make an example of these warriors and crossbowmen who serve him.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Artagan

Artagan is in the city of Donnvail, among Una's allies.

You have defeated many of Muiráthakh's servants and should bring news of your success to Artagan.

Artagan: 'You have done much to restore the peace of Donnvail, <name>, and I thank you for it. The lords of Carn Dûm will learn not to trifle with the Trév Gállorg!'