Quest:The Local Wildlife is Deadly

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The Local Wildlife is Deadly
Level 54
Type Solo
Starts with Águti
Starts at The Waterworks
Start Region The Water-works
Map Ref [15.3S, 111.7W]
Quest Group Moria: The Water-works
Quest Chain Western Insects
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I studied the samples you brought me and have determined how we can best thin out everything down here with one simple stroke. The Deep-toads are the key to the survival of the lizards and spiders. To strike to Deep-toads will be to strike their predators as well.

'How, you ask? The lizards are unaffected by the venom of the spiders, and so the spiders cannot weaken them, making them undesirable prey for the spiders. Also, the lizards have enough cunning to avoid the webs of the spiders. The toads, on the other hand, are nearly mindless in contrast; lizard and spider alike have little difficulty trapping and devouring the toads.

'If you remove the toads, the spiders and lizards will have no choice but to fall upon each other. Will you do this?'


Águti has determined that the Deep-toads are the linchpin to the food-chain in the Waterworks.

Objective 1

Deep-toads can be found all over the Waterworks.

Águti believes that when the toads are killed, the lizards and spiders will fall upon each other for food.

Águti: 'If we thin the toads, the rest will kill each other off. I am confident in this!'

Objective 2

Águti is in the Rotting Cellar.

Águti will be pleased to hear the Deep-toad population has been thinned.

Águti: 'Excellent work, <name>. I have faith that soon the creature in the Waterworks will no longer be a threat, and we will be able to retake it with ease.'