Quest:The Hunter's Injury

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The Hunter's Injury
Level 40
Type Solo
Starts with Wistan
Starts at Echad Candelleth
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [36.9S, 14.2W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain The Creeping Shadow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This is an outrage, <name>! I tracked the white hart into Tâl Bruinen all the way from the Gladdalf, and for some other hunter to steal the kill, the glory, and the meat for himself is unacceptable!

'I recognize the fletching of these arrows, you see: they are the distinctive mark of Adwold, a rival of mine. A hunter of lesser skill, he and I often compete for the same kill, and many are the times he has cost me a great deal of glory. But this is the last time!

'Take these arrows of his and confront him with them. Demand that he repent for bringing down the white hart, when clearly my arrows would have finished the job, and command him to relinquish to me the meat from the kill. The last I heard of him, Adwold was staying at the camp of Barachen the Elf, north of here in the Trollshaws. Barachen usually has one of his scouts positioned along the road; you can ask her for guidance if you get lost. Adwold will regret interfering with my greatest triumph as a hunter to date!'


Wistan is furious that the white hart he tracked across the Trollshaws may have been killed and its meat taken by a rival of his.

Objective 1

Barachen is at his camp south of the road that runs through the Trollshaws, east of the Last Bridge.

Wistan has asked you to speak with Barachen to learn the whereabouts of Adwold.

Wistan: 'That Elf encamped along the road west might know where to find Adwold.'
Barachen: 'The hunter Adwold? Yes, he was here, but he returned from a hunt in Tâl Bruinen and lingered just long enough to say his farewells before departing for home. Something seems to have given him a great fright. I expect he has probably reached The Forsaken Inn by now.'

Objective 2

According to Barachen, Adwold has probably reached the Forsaken Inn by now.

Wistan is furious that Adwold has taken the meat and the glory from the death of the white hart he tracked across the Trollshaws and has sent you to confront him with a number of demands. Adwold stopped at Barachen's camp, but has probably arrived at the Forsaken Inn by now.

Heithur Ironfist: 'You're looking for Adwold? Aye, he was here. Something gave him a terrible fright in the lands to the south, and he swore off hi shunt. He said he was going back west; he's probably at the Forsaken Inn by now.'
Adwold: 'Yes I came across the white hart of which you speak, wounded and near death, and I loosed these two arrows at it. But I did not take the meat! Just as I approached to give it a merciful end, some terrible creature sprang out of nowhere and grabbed the hart around the neck!
'When all air had gone out of the poor beast, the creature started to feed. I was terrified, I do not mind telling you, and could only think of escape! As I backed away, the twigs snapped under my feet, and the creature looked up -- it looked right at me! I will never forget those terrible eyes; like lamps they were in the cold light of the moon, half-unlidded but full of malice!
'I ran, and ran, and only when I was certain that the horrible creature had not followed me did I stop to rest. You go back to Wistan and tell him that he can have the glory from the hart, if he wants it. But I am through with hunting in those parts! With creatures like that slinking about the wild, it is not safe! I am sticking to the Chetwood from now on! You tell him that, and tell him too that he would be wise to do the same!'
Adwold says, "I'm telling you, I know what I saw!"
Anlaf the Forlorn says, "Are you going on about that blood-drinking ghost again, Adwold?"

Objective 3

The hunter Wistan is at Echad Candelleth, in Tâl Bruinen.

You have learned that Adwold did not take the meat of the white hart tracked by Wistan, but was interrupted by the arrival of some creature, the sight of which filled him with fear and caused him to renounce any further hunting in Tâl Bruinen. You should report his to Wistan.

Adwold: 'You go to that Elf-camp in Tâl Bruinen, Echad Candelleth, and tell Wistan he would be wise to leave that place. That terrible creature might still be there, lurking somewhere beneath the trees of a night!'
Wistan: 'I have to tell you, <name>, that I would normally disbelieve this tale of Adwold's. But I believe it now, for I have seen this creature, and not long ago!'