Quest:The Grasp of the Dead

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The Grasp of the Dead
Level 97
Type Solo
Starts with Orodir
Starts at Lancrath
Start Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.1S, 63.0W]
Ends with Orodir
Ends at Lancrath
End Region Blackroot Vale
Map Ref [58.1S, 63.0W]
Quest Chain Lancrath
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I was working in the mine when I heard the screams, <name>. They had a strange echo to them at first, but once I was outside, there was no mistaking what was happening to us.

'When I found my family amidst the chaos, we fled at once. The last thing I saw before leaving Tingobel was an armoured Orc of enormous size entering the mine after picking through ore we recently mined.

'I do not care what interest he had in ore or gemstones, I just want him dead for what he did to our village and families.'


The leader of the Rashat-hai Orcs in Tingobel has taken control of the mine and now seeks to exploit the vale's resources on behalf of the Enemy.

Objective 1

The Tingobel mine can be found in the rear of Tingobel to the north of Lancrath.

Orodir has asked that you slay the leader of the Orc forces encamped in Tingobel.

Ulkfrúm must be deeper in the mine, so perhaps finding something valuable will draw him forth

Objective 2

  • Search for something of value to draw forth Ulkfrúm

Ulkfrúm must be deeper in the mine. Perhaps finding something valuable will draw him forth.

Ulkfrúm says, "You won't be taking that, <race>!"
Ulkfrúm says, "You're not like the last one... the Man of Umbar."
Ulkfrúm says, "He thought us unworthy, but when we raze the rest of the vale, he will think again!"
Ulkfrúm has been defeated

Objective 3

Orodir can be found in Lancrath, to the south of Tingobel in Blackroot Vale.

You have defeated the Orc-leader, Ulkfrúm, in the Tingobel mine. You should return to Orodir and tell him of the Orc's defeat.

Orodir: 'You have done my people a great service, <name>. Would that I could take up arms as you do against the Enemy, but my hand is untrained in combat.
'I am glad that vile creature no longer draws breath, even if reclaiming Tingobel remains beyond our grasp.'