Quest:The Goblins' Treasure

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The Goblins' Treasure
Level 43
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Aslak
Starts at Lehmä-koti
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [3.1S, 39.1W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I know you little folk prize the glittering stones. We care little for most of these stones, but we treasure the kind we call Eyes of the Earth. I think in your tongue you call them cat's-eyes and moonstones.

'It seems that the goblins who serve the Angmarim in their fort just north-east of the Ram Dûath have stolen a great many of these stones, including eyes of the earth from our people.

'I would ask you to go to this fort and take back the goblin-treasures. They should be stored in chests filled with many gems. We will take the Eyes of the Earth, and you will take the rest, with our thanks.'


Aslak of the Suuri-lehmä, told you that the goblins have collected hoards of gems in the fort they share with the Angmarim on the north-eastern pass of Ram Dúath.

Objective 1

The goblins of the Ram Dúath have stolen several treasures from the Suuri-lehmä.

Aslak has told you that the gems might be found in chests within the Angmarim fort to the North-east.

Objective 2

  • Bring the gems back to Aslak at Lehmä-koti

You have recovered several semi-precious gems stolen from the Suuri-lehmä by the goblins of the Ram Dúath.

You must return them to Aslak at Lehmä-koti.

Aslak: 'Ah, yes, you have done it! Here...I will separate out the Eyes of the Earth, and the rest shall be yours!'