Quest:The Fallen Stars

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The Fallen Stars
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Golthor
Starts at Houses of Healing
Start Region Osgiliath
Map Ref [62.1S, 7.4W]
Quest Group Osgiliath
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'<name>, one of my fellows is lost and I fear what may have befallen him. The Easterlings spotted him as we moved here, and our paths diverged as they gave chase.

'When last I saw him, he made for the eastern bridge into the old Dome of Stars, but I hope his pursuers did not drive him there... for all manner of evil things have taken hold of it.

'You are a hardy <class> and might be able to bear the dread that surrounds the Dome. Will you search for him there? I will not abandon him until I am assured of his fate, but death has not been a stranger to our men in these dark days.'


Fearing for the life of his fellow, Golthor sends you to investigate the ruined Dome of Stars, a once-beautiful palace now twisted into a vile stronghold of the Enemy.

Objective 1

The Dome of Stars can be found in central Osgiliath.

Golthor has asked you to seek a Ranger who travelled toward the Dome of Stars. You should begin your search by the eastern bridge onto the island.

You have found the bridge and should now search for the lost Ranger

Objective 2

  • Search for the lost Ranger inside the Dome of Stars

The Ranger is likely somewhere within the Dome of Stars.

You did not find the Ranger outside the Dome of Stars, and should now carefully search within it.

The Ranger's body is battered and contorted as if he were dropped from a great height...

Objective 3

Golthor can be found outside the old Houses of Healing in north-eastern Osgiliath.

You found the Ranger, but it was too late to save him. You should return to Golthor with these grim tidings.

Golthor: 'I thought as much, <name>. You need not say more...'
Golthor shakes his head.
'Those fell-beasts and their dark riders seem to delight in dropping the wounded from above - Man and Orc alike. Let us hope that no others must suffer this sorry fate.'