Quest:The Extent of the Threat

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The Extent of the Threat
Level 45
Type Solo
Starts with Sigrun
Starts at Bruinen Source North
Start Region Misty Mountains
Map Ref [19.1S, 2.9W]
Ends with Elrond
Ends at Elrond's Library
End Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Misty Mountains
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Lord Glóin sent us to the Bitter Stair to scout Helegrod, for he thought some evil had come back to live there, but I do not think he suspected things to be this grave. The dragon Thorog reborn? No dwarf could have imagined such a terror!

'You must return to Elrond of Rivendell and tell him of the danger that lurks now on his very doorstep. His home may be hidden from prying eyes due to some Elf-craft, but few things are safe from dragon-fire, as the grandsires of the Men of Dale could tell you!

'Go now with haste, <name>! Greip and I will continue our vigil here, and the Elves of Rivendell will need time to prepare some plan of their own.'


Sigrun and Greip learned that the evil that has taken Helegrod is much worse than Glóin had suspected.

Objective 1

Elrond is in his library in Rivendell.

Sigrun has asked you to return to Elrond with news of the extent of the threat lurking now within Helegrod.

Sigrun: 'Elrond must be told what is happening in Helegrod, <name>. Tell him that the situation is more grave than we thought!'
Elrond: 'You have returned, <name>, and your news is as I expected, for I sent some scouts of my own to investigate while you were away. Armed with this knowledge, we may now plan not only our defence, but our offence as well.
'The evil that hides beneath the walls of Helegrod must be swept away. You must help both Elves and dwarves accomplish this charge, <name>.'