Quest:The Dream Voice

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The Dream Voice
Level 25
Type Solo
Starts with Colbert the Mad
Starts at Mincham's Camp
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.0S, 55.3W]
Ends with Dallin Endholder
Ends at Trestlebridge
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [17.9S, 53.9W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain The Search for Idalene
Quest Text


Note, that this quest was removed in Update 13.

Bestowal dialogue

'So, you're really going to go out there to the fields of Fornost looking for this, Idalene, was it?

'Let me give you some advice. Don't go at night. Definitely don't go at night. And during the day, don't go near any of the burial mounds. And the ruins. You'll want to avoid the ruins. Oh yes, if you see something moving around out there, and you're not sure what it! Whatever it is won't be friendly, and you probably won't want to look real close at it anyhow.

'Well, good luck, then. Remember, I saw her to the north-west of here. I don't think there were any bears around, so it might be safe. Might be.'


Colbert has sent you off into the fields of Fornost in search of the lost girl Idalene.

Objective 1

Idalene is to the north-west of Mincham's camp, north of Trestlebridge.

Colbert has sent you out looking for Idalene with a plethora of dire warnings about the hazards of Deadmen's Dike.

Colbert the Mad: 'Found your Idaline yet? She's out there, you know. Dancing with the bears. Or with the ghosts of the bears. But there are no bears in Deadmen's Dike are there? But I've seen them!'
Idalene says, "Pretty flowers... so bright red..."
Idalene says, "La la, la lily, la la!"
Idalene says, "Tra-la, tra-la, tra-lily, tra-la!"
Idalene: 'Idalene is no more, fool. Olnathron will strip the flesh from your bones and send you down into darkness!'
Idalene says, "Fool! I am Olnathron! Your little Idalene is no more... Come to me now... come and die!"
  • Defeat Idalene
Olnathron says, "Fools... "
Olnathron says, "I am driven from this one..."
Olnathron says, "But I am not defeated!"
Olnathron says, "We shall meet again...."
Idalene says, "Ah! Ah.... What has happened? Where am I..."
Idalene says, "Where is she--? Oh! You saved me! From her... From Olnathron!"
Idalene says, "Oh... I should go back now... Back home!"
Idalene says, "Wonderful! I'll be safe at this camp!"

Objective 2

Dallin Endholder is back in Trestlebridge.

Having driven off a fell spirit that had somehow been possessing Idalene, you should return to Dallin Endholder and tell him what happened.

Colbert the Mad: 'Ha! I saw your girl again! She was right here!
'Eh? You know? Ah, too bad. Hoped to surprise you. Seemed all right though. Not a bear, after all!'
Mincham: 'I understand you have freed young Idalene from a dreadful curse. You have done well, very well indeed.'
Dallin Endholder: 'What? What? Idalene? An evil spirit? You fought her? It's gone?
'I don't know what to say. I feared...I don't know what I feared, but I didn't expect that!
'Well, all that matters is that she is safe now. Thank you...thank you so much for saving her!'