Quest:The Circle of Death

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The Circle of Death
Level 129
Type Solo
Starts with Candúr
Starts at Barad Arthir
Start Region Minas Morgul
Map Ref [67.1S, 1.0E]
Ends with Candúr
Ends at Barad Arthir
End Region Minas Morgul
Map Ref [67.1S, 1.0E]
Quest Group Imlad Morgul: Minas Morgul
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Candúr: 'While you worked to secure the Circle of Despair, we worked to fortify the defences of Barad Arthir.
'It is unlikely Gothmog will be able to muster enough forces to breach the walls of the tower, but I have seen more surprising things in my time. We shall remain vigilant.
'After you left the tower, Prince Faramir led his company into the Circle of Death. I believe the Prince means to prepare a final assault against Gothmog, but he has kept his plans hidden... even from me.
'Once you have secured the Circle of Despair, please return to me.'


While you worked to secure the Circle of Despair, Prince Faramir led a company of Rangers of Ithilien into the Circle of Death.

Objective 1

You should complete quests in the Circle of Death and aid Faramir in his plans.

Objective 2

Candúr can be found in Barad Arthir.

You have aided Prince Faramir and secured the Circle of Death in Minas Morgul.

Candúr: 'You have done well, <name>, and I hear Prince Faramir has changed his mind regarding the Dead City.'
'It would be a shame to let Minas Ithil fall to its final ruin by the hand of Gondor, I think. It is good he believes so as well.'
'These are glad tidings, but alas, there is another matter to discuss.'