Quest:The Bracelet's Past

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The Bracelet's Past
Level 27
Type Solo
Starts with Colbert the Mad
Starts at Mincham's Camp
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.0S, 55.3W]
Ends with Mincham
Ends at Mincham's Camp
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.1S, 55.3W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Mincham's Dream
Quest Text


Note, that this quest was removed in Update 13.

Bestowal dialogue

'Well, er, this bracelet you found. It''s Mincham's, you see. Well, in a way.

'Why don't you, er, bring it to him? I'd do it myself, but, well, you found it...right?

'Besides, I don't think old Mincham likes me much. Thinks I'm a bit addled.'


Colbert was dismayed when he saw the bracelet you found, but he would not tell you why.

Objective 1

Mincham is at his camp.

According to Colbert, the bracelet you found belongs to Mincham. Without explaining why, he asked you to give it to Mincham yourself.

Colbert the Mad: 'Heh, heh, yes, that's Mincham right over there. I'd take it to him myself, but, uh, I'm busy right now. Yes, that's it, very busy!, heh, heh.'
Mincham: 'What? How did you get this? This is my wife's bracelet. She...She died here in the North Downs....
'Many years past, I was sent here to watch over these fields. I was lonely, and it seemed quiet, so I sent for my wife and child. But they were waylaid by Orcs not far from here and killed before they ever reached me. I found only their bodies and never caught the murdering Orcs who slew them. I have lived with the guilt ever since.
'I buried them not far from here...buried my wife with that very bracelet. Please, see to their graves. I cannot bring myself to do it, but I need to know....
'Their graves are to the north-west of here, in a place with several ancient burial mounds. Only beasts and fell creatures live there now.'

Objective 2

  • See to the grave of Mincham's wife
  • See to the grave of Mincham's child

The graves of Mincham's wife and child are to the north-west near some burial mounds.

Unsettled by your discovery of the bracelet his wife was buried with, Mincham asked you to investigate the graves of his wife and child.

Mincham: 'Please do this thing for me. My wife…I…well, I will tell you more when you return.'
Colbert the Mad: 'Yes, well, sorry about that. I, er, I knew his wife's name, you see….
'I mean, thanks for that, all right?'
The grave is empty
The grave is undisturbed

Objective 3

  • Talk to Mincham

Mincham awaits you at his camp.

You found Mincham's child's grave undisturbed, but his wife's grave was open and empty. You should return to him with this news at once.

Mincham: 'Alas, it is as I feared. A terrible thing has come to pass.'