Quest:The Black-fire

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The Black-fire
Level 24
Type Solo
Starts with Captain Trotter
Starts at The Trestlespan
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [17.7S, 53.9W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain The Black Fire
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Flaming powder! I like this not at all. I want to know how it came here, but more than that, I want to ensure that it never comes here again.

'Speak with Aggy at the span, and see if she knows anything of this... this... black-fire stuff! I have never seen anything like it.'


Aggy Digweed has asked you to ensure that no more of the suspicious black-fire can find its way into Trestlebridge.

Objective 1

  • Speak with Aggy Digweed

Aggy Digweed is at the entrance to the Treslespan at the northern edge of Trestlebridge.

You should speak with Aggy Digweed.

Aggy Digweed wants you to search nearby Orc-encampment for signs of more black-fire

Objective 2

  • Find the black-fire at the first encampment
  • Find the black-fire at the second encampment
  • Find the black-fire at the third encampment

Orc encampments have been spotted north-east of Trestlebridge.

You should investigate the Orc-camps for signs of the black-fire, and carefully destroy any that you find.

Black Fire Crate: 'This crate is filled with a dark, powdery substance. If you are to destroy it, as Aggy Digweed asked, you will have to use fire.'
Black Fire Crate: 'Destroyed the black-fire at the encampment'

Objective 3

Aggy Digweed can be found in Trestlebridge.

You should return to Aggy Digweed with the news that you destroyed all the remaining crates of incendiary powder that you could find.

Aggy:'So much... was it all destined for us? Or perhaps they were planning it to bring it along to Bree once we were all dead.

'Evil surrounds us, <name>. This is a bad time, mark my words. I've never seen Orcs dare to come so close, or interfere with our lives other than scare travellers on the road. I've never seen such great numbers of them.

'You'll be wanting to tell Captain Trotter all about this.'

Objective 4

Captain Trotter is in Trestlebridge.

You should speak with Captain Trotter.

'So the Orcs were behind it all, eh? But how did they come in, if nobody saw them?

'Hopefully you have ensured that they won't be back to the same mischief any time soon, which will give us time to rebuild, but there are still mysteries to be solved. How did they sneak the stuff in?'