Quest:The Arena of Maethad

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The Arena of Maethad
Level 47
Type Fellowship
Starts with Hwati
Starts at Gabilshathûr
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [3.5S, 26.3W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Master of the Maethad
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, welcome to you! It is food to have unexpected allies in our struggle to survive! It feels that -- after any years of hiding in the shadow of Angmar -- we can now finally make back!

'In this matter, you may be able to help. To the north and east there is a place called 'Maethad'. It is a great arena in which those of troll-kind, especially the Gertheryg, train for battle. Those who survive the arena go on to lead and train others of Angmar. Striking at this arena would deal a blow to Angmar's ability to raise and train its army!

'To end this threat, we must first defeat those who are training within the arena walls, then we can move on and crush those who lead the training efforts. Go and reduce the number of the Gertheryg and trolls within Maethad.'


To the north-east of Gabilshathûr is a place named "Maethad". Here, trolls and their Gorthorog-masters train to fight and lead Angmar's armies.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Gertheryg in Maethad (0/8)
  • Defeat trolls in Maethad (0/8)

The arena of Maethad is north and east of Gabilshathûr.

Hwati has asked you to find the arena and thin the numbers of Gertheryg and trolls training within.

Hwati: 'Maethad lies to the north and east. If we hold any hope of ending the threat of Maethad, we must first defeat some of the Gertheryg and the trolls training within.'

Objective 2

Hwati is back at Gabilshathûr, west and south of Maethad.

Having defeated a number of Gertheryg and trolls, you should return to Hwati.

Hwati: 'You have thinned their numbers? Good! Ah, a strong blow against Maethad! Now we can turn our attention to those who lead the training!'