Quest:Talbot Redeemed

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Talbot Redeemed
Level 24
Type Solo
Starts with Talbot Hinton
Starts at Trestlebridge
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [16.1S, 53.7W]
Ends with Captain Trotter
Ends at Trestlebridge
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [16.7S, 53.5W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain A Poor Guard
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This liquid smells terrible! does smell like the liquid I found on the shards of the gourd I found. This is the proof I need to clear my name!

'Here, take one of the skins to Captain Trotter and show it to him. Tell him that this is what caused me to fall asleep. I would do it myself, but the guards won't let me near him.

'Please hurry, my name must be cleared!'


Talbot told you that the vile liquid you found on the Orc in Nan Wathren was similar to the shattered one he found at his feet. He believes this is the proof he needs to clear his name.

Objective 1

Captain Trotter can be found in Trestlebridge.

Talbot Hinton asked you to bring the gourd you found to Captain Trotter as evidence to clear his name. He cannot do this himself, since the town-guard will not let him approach the captain.

Talbot Hinton: 'Hurry, take that skin over to Capain Trotter. I know it will clear my name, and once my name is clear, I won't be treated like a criminal anymore!'
Captain Trotter: 'So you've been listening to Talbot's tales, have you? Quite disgraceful. Blaming the Orcs for his failures! I might as well look at this liquid you found, just to keep Talbot from bothering me any further....
'What a foul odor! So Talbot was telling the truth! I will have him returned to duty at once.
'But this liquid is troubling. If there is more of this about, all of Trestlebridge could be threatened. This matter must be investigated further!'