Quest:Sundering the Snowreap

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Sundering the Snowreap
Level 140
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Ned Claybrick
Starts at Hoarhallow
Start Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.3S, 19.7W]
Ends with Ned Claybrick
Ends at Hoarhallow
End Region Ettenmoors
Map Ref [20.3S, 19.7W]
Quest Group Ettenmoors Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We welcome the arrival of our tall friends to Hoarhallow. With them, we hope to end the plight which has faced our people for a great long time.

'In the north, beyond the place where the Hoardale rises sharply by the Tall Folk fortress and bends to the east, at the crest of the hill, thou will find Grothum where the goblins dwell. We wish to show them that we are not afraid of their ilk, and truly we are not. There are some of us willing to fight, but they have gone off to protect the wood and help the Tall Folk.

'If thou are willing to help us, make your way northeast and defeat the goblins.'


Goblins have been the main foe the Hobbits of Hoarhallow have contended with in all their years. They believe with the aid of the Tall Folk they can score a final victory against the Snowreap-goblins.

Objective 1

Snowreap Goblins inhabit Grothum, a village they established east of the Isendeep Mine in Arador's End.

Ned Claybrick asked you to assail the goblins in their home to deter them from future raids on Hoarhallow.

Objective 2

Ned Claybrick awaits your return at Hoarhallow, south and west of Grothum.

You found the Snowreap-goblins in Grothum and defeated them at their village. You should return to Ned Claybrick with the news.

Ned Claybrick: 'Such heroism! We are indebted to you, <name>. We will not forget all that you have done for us.
'Please take this. The Tall Folk at Glân Vraig said that Quartermaster Ash there would assist all those that give us aid.'