Quest:Strength of Stone

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Strength of Stone
Level 41
Type Solo
Starts with Chief Tuokki
Starts at Lehmä-koti
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [3.1S, 39.0W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Strength of Stone
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Men and Orcs of Angmar have been bringing great wheeled war-engines through Ram Dúath. At first, they often broke on their own. It took many tries before the stupid Orcs learned how to move these clumsy things safely through the pass.

'We thought, they are taking such pains, perhaps we can help them too. So we showed them the strength of stone and broke many of them ourselves, seeing as the evil ones seemed to want them in the South so badly.

'Now, though, they have learned again, and the war-engines are too well-guarded for us. But maybe you can fight through to them. These must be treasures for these evil folk, things they need to make war in the South. You can find them in the eastern pass.'


The Earth-kin have been destroying the siege-engines of the Angmarim as they wheel them through Ram Dúath, but now they are too strongly guarded for the Earth-kin to reach.

Objective 1

  • Destroy catapults (0/2)
  • Destroy siege-towers (0/2)

The war-engines -- siege towers and catapults -- of the Angmarim are in the eastern part of Ram Dúath.

Tuokki has asked you to help destroy the Angmarim siege-towers and catapults.

Chief Tuokki: 'Destroy the war-engines and show the Orcs the strength of stone.'

Objective 2

Chief Tuokki is at the Suuri-lehmä camp in Ram Dúath.

You should return to Tuokki with word of your success.

Chief Tuokki: 'It is good that those engines were broken. We would not want the Orcs to think they had easy lives!
'I know you fight the Orcs and Men of Angmar for your own reasons, but it is good that we can fight them together in Ram Dúath.'