Quest:Stirrings Within Helegrod

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Stirrings Within Helegrod
Level 45
Type Solo
Starts with Anornaneth
Starts at The Market of Rivendell
Start Region Rivendell Valley
Map Ref [28.9S, 5.6W]
Ends with Elrond
Ends at Elrond's Library
End Region Rivendell Valley
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]
Quest Group Misty Mountains
Quest Chain Stirrings Within Helegrod
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There is something going on in the mountains, my friend, and I fear what it might signify. Long has the dwarf-city of Helegrod stood empty, abandoned by the dwarves who made it, but cruel folk have come there of late, and I have seen evil Men on the walls.

'I fear the mischief they might do, <name>. Perhaps I worry for naught, but this fear has been steadily growing on my mind and I can no longer dismiss it as needless.

'Tell Lord Elrond of my fears, friend. Perhaps he will have some insight that can put them to rest, but I cannot find any good that might come of Helegrod inhabited again.'


Anornaneth has observed an increased level of activity on the walls of Helegrod, the lost dwarf-city in the Misty Mountains, and is worried about what it might signify.

Objective 1

Lord Elrond is in the library of his house in Rivendell.

Anornaneth has asked you to bring word of her fears concerning Helegrod to Elrond.

Anornaneth: 'I hope that my worries are baseless, <name>, but I fear that they are not. Go to Lord Elrond in his library, and tell him that Helegrod is inhabited again, and not by dwarves.'
Elrond: 'Your news gives me pause, <name>, for Anornaneth is not one to lightly give voice to such concerns. If Helegrod is indeed inhabited by creatures of evil, the darkness may be closer to Imladris than we had supposed.'