Quest:Silence at the Homestead

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Silence at the Homestead
Level 87
Type Solo
Starts with Folcbur
Starts at Middlemead
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [53.9S, 73.1W]
Quest Group Middlemead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, <name>.

'Hildulf told me you would be able to help me with my troubles, so thank you for your aid. You see, my family lives at a small homestead south-east of Middlemead, and none of our crops have been coming into the village for a day or two. We have had lapses before, but this one has me worried.

'I sent my friend, Torwulf, to check on my family earlier today. If you would, meet him at the homestead and see if you two can figure out what is happening.'


Folcbur has heard little from her homestead to the south-east of Middlemead, and fears that something is afoot at the farm.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Torwulf at the homestead south-east of Middlemead

Torwulf can be found outside the farmhouse at the homestead south-east of Middlemead.

Concerned by a lack of shipments, Folcbur has sent you to investigate the farm south-east of town and meet with a town guard also stationed there.

Torwulf: 'Ah, just in time! All has been quiet so far, and I have seen no sign of the crofters. Strange, indeed...
'Folcbur told me of her concerns and they seem quite warranted, so let us search the farm. I shall scout the farmhouse, and you should begin by searching the windmill - perhaps you can get a good look at the surrounding fields from the balcony.'

Objective 2

  • Scout the windmill at the homestead

The windmill can be found at the southern end of Folcbur's homestead south-east of Middlemead.

You have met with Torwulf and are now to scout the homestead for sign of the Enemy. You should look from atop the windmill.

This is a good place to look
You see nothing amidst the swaying crops below

Objective 3

  • Search the farmhouse

The farmhouse is at the centre of the homestead to the south-east of Middlemead.

You have found no sign of the Enemy and should rejoin Torwulf inside the farmhouse.

As you approach the door, you hear voices inside

Objective 4

  • Find Torwulf

Torwulf is somwhere inside the farmhouse at the homestead south-east of Middlemead.

You have heard noises from within the farmhouse. You should try to find Torwulf.

Torwulf: 'Ah, tragic, just when I was getting comfortable...
'I did not trust my fellows to get the job done, and rightfully so it seems.
'This homestead belongs to the Dunlendings now, so either throw your lot in with us, or you won't be leaving this house.'
  • Defeat Torwulf
Torwulf says, "The Dunlendings will rule these lands once more, and you cannot stop us!"
Defeated Torwulf

Objective 5

Folcbur can be found at the traders' pavillion in central Middlemead.

You have defeated the traitorous warrior Folcbur sent you to meet, and should now reveal what you have learned of the homestead.

Folcbur: 'What? Impossible!
'He has been a trusted friend to my family for years... why would he attack you? I assure you this was not my doing, <name>... you must believe me!
'All that matters to me is that my family is safe. What has become of Rohan?'