Quest:Purging the Overmasters

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Purging the Overmasters
Level 51
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with The Library at Tham Mírdain
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Text


Overmasters command the slave forces of Angmar. The Men we encounter in the ruins are too bold and brash to yield to the lash of an Overseer, so I do not think that these will be the slaves to which I refer. Nay, I think that there is something else digging under the Overmasters' watchful eyes.

Our scouts mentioned seeing the leaders entering the Library at Tham Mírdain. We can unseat them from this place if we keep our foray small -- no more than three, for, as before, we do not want to attract the attention of the southern enemies in this area. This is a frustrating way to go about things, but unless many reinforcements arrive unlooked for in these parts, we will have to continue to chip away at our foes.

I hope you can go through the Library in safety, friend. It will not be easy, but I have faith that you can do this. May the blessings of the Eldar keep you, <your name>.

Objective 1

Ongbûrz Overmasters can be found in the Library at Tham Mírdain, just to the south-west of Echad Mirobel.

Hethugúr of Echad Mirobel has asked you to defeat Orc Overmasters at the Library, and to bring no more than a small handful of stout companions with you. The southern forces must not be alerted of your presence, so attacks against either side must be small and covert.