Quest:Prisoners of War

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Prisoners of War
Level 105
Type solo
Starts with Maendal
Starts at Aelin Veren
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [53.0S, 6.8W]
Quest Group North Ithilien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I do not know what to make of this, my friend. To what end have the Southrons surrendered? What drove them to such a decision?

'I have separated most of them among my men, and they are kept under guard. I sought to speak with them when first we arrived at Aelin Veren, but they remained silent. It seems that neither we nor the Southrons know how best to proceed.

'Perhaps they would think differently of you, <name>...

'I would ask you to speak to them, question their purpose in Ithilien, and see if we cannot discover what led to their surrender.

'Would you do this for us, my friend?'


Never before known to yield in battle, a party of Haradrim have surrendered to the Rangers of Ithilien for reasons that remain unclear.

Objective 1

  • Question the Haradrim prisoners at Aelin Veren (0/4)

The Haradrim prisoners can be found at Aelin Veren, in North Ithilien.

Maendal has asked you to question the Haradrim prisoners and learn the reason for their surrender.

Objective 2

'Through your efforts, we have learned of the Southron's purpose in their surrender. It was a wise decision, regardless of our past encounters with their people, and I am glad their... war-master came to such a conclusion without further bloodshed.
'I am not certain we could have resolved this peacefully without your aid.
'Now, we have upheld our half of the bargain, and I would expect them to do the same.'