Quest:Optional Objective: Créoth (Fortress)

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This page is about the quest in the Fortress instance. For the quest in the Barrows, see Quest:Optional Objective: Créoth (Barrows)
Optional Objective: Créoth
Level 32
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts at Garth Agarwen: Fortress
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [29S, 26W]
Quest Group Garth Agarwen
Quest Text


Within the fortress at Garth Agarwen, you will find the main force of the Créoth Hillmen loyal to the Red-maid. It is these Men, descendents of the Rhudaur, who poisoned the land and drove the once peaceful Red-maid mad.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Créoth Hillmen within the Garth Agarwen fortress (0/40)

You should hunt through the fortress and the ruins for the Créoth Hillmen. Purge the true-blooded minions of Angmar and punish them for defiling the natural order in the Lone-lands.