Quest:Optional Objective: Créoth (Barrows)

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This page is about the quest in the Barrows instance. For the quest in the Fortress, see Quest:Optional Objective: Créoth (Fortress)
Optional Objective: Créoth
Level 32
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Daily
Starts at Garth Agarwen: Barrows
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [27.8S, 24.4W]
Quest Group Garth Agarwen
Quest Text


When Men first settled in these lands, the Hillmen of Rhudaur settled Garth Agarwen and treated nature as they should. As time passed and the influence of the Witch-king spread throughout the kingdom, the Men fell to corruption and turned against nature, poisoning the land and its caretakers.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Créoth (0/18)

Créoth watch the entrance to the barrow of Garth Agarwen at the behest of the Gaunt Lord, Ivar. They are the first line of defence and a formidable opponent. These Men, loyal to the corrupt being that their ancestors helped to create, are without conscience and filled with malice. Their redemption is unlikely, and it falls to you, in this place, to defeat them.

Defeated Créoth (18/18)